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How Is Your Relationship With God?

The Bible says ‘verily, verily, I say unto you, Until heaven and earth pass away, and the heavens are removed, and the elements be destroyed, and the earth and that which is in the earth be destroyed – Mark 13:33

Until I was a Christian, I always had a relationship with God. I was always very close to Him. I would never be separated from Him. And I am sure that it was a close relationship because He called me His friend. I always had an active hope in Him. Once the Holy Spirit entered my heart, I instantly got a new sense of confidence in Him. I didn’t need to depend on what other people said about me anymore. I knew that God loved me unconditionally.

Once we become born again, God judges us by the things which we have personally manifested, not what we have outwardly displayed. To be truly fruitful, we must settle our conflicts within ourselves first. We must open a door for God to come into our hearts. The first step is to become convinced that the God we believe in is real and that He truly desires to speak to us. By doing this we will be speaking directly to Him and taking small steps in the right direction, although we may not see the whole road at the time.

Reflecting on the First Principles of Faith unfolds this idea of what it means to have confidence in the presence of God, even when you can’t see Him. In other words, you must believe that He is there when you aren’t looking for Him, just as you must also believe that it is possible to experience His presence when you are striving to maintain a relationship with Him.

The principle of believing is an absolutely critical path in navigating the mysteries of life and belief. The Bible declares that faith works by love. By applying the power of love to our choices, we prove that His perspective is always right. Now, how good is your belief? This next principle takes a look at how well you are expressing your faith.

4 Two: I am convinced of his existence

Many people are able to claim this aspect of God. Others are not so fortunate. Why is that? For what reason does the world choose to believe in a God they can’t see? The reasoning for why some people don’t see God is that they may be blind to the truth. Perhaps they are too busy worshiping and serving God to notice Him wherever He is. Or, maybe they don’t have an open, clear vision of the relationship they hope toouthinkGod to.

We don’t have to have a problem seeing God. Our problems come when we don’t know Him. In addition, even if our eyes are perfectly clear, we can encounter the mystery of his presence (and the working of his love) only if our minds are open and receptive. What does God want us to know about him? Isn’t it enough to know that He is angry, vengeful, and perfect and that His will is a will that can be attained, in a single moment, if we will obey Him?

In James 1:27 we read, “But if anyone does not have his faith working, he will be condemned.” It is much easier to affirm our faith in God than it is to live it out.

God is more willing to reveal himself to those who are willing to humble themselves. For this reason, there are many stories of people whose lives were modeled after God’s own. One incident attributed to this principle is the story of a mother and her son. The woman had a deep faith that her son would be a great success in life. She held him in the palm of her hand and never gave up on him.

Her son had numerous difficulties in his life. Every time one of them occurred, she was devastated. Seeing her anguish, the Lord appeared to her and said, “Do not despair. I will help you.” The next time the boy had a problem, he died from stoning. Clearly, she had suffered a lot over the years and her fragile faith had virtually been replaced by certainty.

Let’s look at another story:

Zacchaeus had been blind since birth. For twelve years he had carried a gloomy look. That look should have been rewarded with a gift, but for all he had gained by being given that look, he had lost everything. He rubbed himself, his friends, his dignity… He had lost everything. He had even lost his hope. Still, he was a valuable member of the body of Christ and he greatly distressed his distress with a positive attitude that has ever since been called by the author of Hebrews to “agree with reproof”.

The Message In The New Testament

Read the New Testament. If you want to go to heaven and the Lord you need to be Born of God.

True restoration begins with the realization that you are born for a purpose and a price has been paid for you to accomplish that purpose. I have paid a price for my purpose, it is hard but just as true as the very first day I walked on the earth and saw the great city of Babylon and its influence upon my life. I remember when I arrived I stood and looked and sensed what it felt like to be in such a great place. Truth is, it feels like heaven to me. So do you.

Therein lies the power. Therein lies the price that is paid when you forget who you think you are and who God says you are and enable you to go forward without the heavy burdens of care that accompany separation. It is there in Babylon that I learned that who I really am in Christ is an invisible dwelling set into the earth, here my Father’s house is present.

I now understand that I am this body and in my dwelling, there is my purpose, and with purpose, I live my life. I add value to my life and life more so in my God-ordained gifts, and the bonus is that my gifts are making a difference because I have a purpose, I have meaning, and the bonus is that I am setting my life into order. Honestly, it is just like a pebble being tossed into the fountain, all the water disappeared but I am sure that pebble was led there by something bigger than me, who was I? I didn’t even know until I got here. So the revelations for me are bringing back the memories of Heaven and moving forward with a better understanding of myself and my life.

We sense the heavy burden within us all once again when, after time, we start to lose who we once thought we were and where we once came from, and worse yet, when we lose our purpose the way that we think it should be. The way that God has gifted every human being with gifts, talents, abilities, and skills to be successful in whatever they choose. This was and is a great mystery to figure out your gifts.

The deception started with our first parents and their gifts. First, you were the physical self, then you had a soul, which is your mind, then you had a natural ability for your talent, then you had a purpose with your gift. This was and is just one deception that was foisted upon our faith. The devil played with these truths, suborned them for his own benefit, and brought disharmony and all kinds of evil into the world through the ideas of male supremacy, slavery, greed, etc. Into God’s picture of perfection and he was revealed as the inventor of all evil. At that time the first lie was born. Man in his perfection had forgotten that he was perfection yet.

So what do you need to do? Get into right standing with God by putting each of these Deuteds into action. For we are covenant right now in Christ Jesus. Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the Gentiles have my grace and peace. To those who are outside my grace and peace the belt of truth is let me point out to them. The outside may see many examples of sin but the inner man knows none of that because you are the covenant man and you have sealed vow and unpresentable so that your gifts are effective in the earth only by the grace of God.

Be transferred in the likeness of your person, that your image may become gracious as water, and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ may abound in you. Get into righteousness than that you and all others may be glorified in the same way with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

If you want to argue about the New Testament authorship of Christ you can find someone knowledgeable in the Letter of 1 Corinthians to 12:26-27. Paul was an apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is God’s apostle to the twelve apostles. He said that he was assigned to the church to prepare the way for the latter to be given the authority to preach. He said that the church (Christians) should come together in the name of everyone to pray for them. And in the next verse, it says that when you pray you are to pray in the spirit. You can never pray in the spirit out of envy or vain selfishness.

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